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Andy Marshall’s 

Previous Inspirational Production Credits.

SOUL (6x1 hour drama)

Created by Andy Marshall and Abi Marshall

Pilot written by Andy Marshall.

Episodes 2 and 5 co-written by Andy Marshall.

Soul follows the journey of young gospel singer Mahalia Brown (Keshia Chanté) as she leaves the church and goes into the music world after being discovered by an r&b producer.

*Winner, 2009 Gemini Award for Best Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series (Mpho Koaho).

Where Do White People Go When The Long Weekend Comes?  The Wondrous Journey of Delroy Kincaid

Written and Directed by Powys Dewhurst

Produced with Powys Dewhurst


A young Delroy Kincaid has recently immigrated to Canada, and notices that White people seem to disappear on the weekends. Where do they go?

*Winner, Platinum Remi at Houston Worldfest 2009


*Video available through NFB Campus program.



Directed by Mateo Guez

Written by Mateo Guez, Piotr R. Biernat, Bruno Capinan and Andy Marshall

Produced with Mateo Guez


Featuring the music of Bruno Capinan – Acalanto (Dunda’s Lullaby)

The singer dreams…of a lover, of a muse…in Brazilian Portuguese.

A Silent Wish

Written and Directed by Mateo Guez


A silent conversation between this world and the next. Filmed on Motorola cell phones in 2009.

Smokin’ Lounge

Written by Mateo Guez and Len D. Henry

Directed by Mateo Guez


Featuring the music of Molly Johnson:  “He’s Got My Heart”

Featuring the clothes of Hoax Couture


A fashcam fashion film.

Shaolin Delivery Boy

Written by David Eng

Directed by Mark Cutforth

Produced with Mark Cutforth


A Chinese actor embraces his culture and finds success.

*Winner, Best Comedy, Golden Sheaf Award, 2006 Yorkton Short Film Festival

*Winner, Best Comedy, Platinum Remi, 2006 Houston Worldfest

Pan Royale: The Steelpan and Jazz Festival of Trinidad and Tobago

Written and Directed by Andy Marshall


A documentary commissioned by the Queen’s Royal College Foundation.

The Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles

Written and Directed by Jeff St. Jules


In a land far away, where men give birth to donkeys, Johnson Joe Jangles learns hard lessons of love. Produced as part of the Canadian Film Centre Short Film Program.

*Winner, Jackson-Triggs Award for Best Emerging Canadian Filmmaker, 2005

Worldwide Short Film Festival

*Winner, Best Idea, 2005 Citadella del Corto, Italy

Lock Her Room

Written and Directed by Kai Soremekun


A young teenager fights to be his own man.


written by sharon m. lewis

Directed by Kai Soremekun


maple (Melanie Nicholls-King) finally tells a traumatic story that she's been carrying with her since childhood, and it has immediate consequences.

*Winner, Best Director, 2001 Reel Black Awards, Toronto


This is the first film that I produced.  With Sharon M. Lewis

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