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Andy Marshall


His Story

Andy grew up in a very musical family, but he branched out into acting in his late teens.  He had always done church skits, but playing the role of Gitlow in the musical Purlie was a little bigger than a skit, even though it was still at church.  Produced by the musical group Sound Idea, it gave him the confidence to look at acting seriously.

His first role outside of church was as Sipliwo Themba in the musical Rainboworld, written and directed by the legendary Salome Bey.  Andy then studied at York University (Toronto) and became immersed in the acting world.  Memorable roles include Nebuchadnezzar Brown in the series Mysterious Island;  Prince Talon in the animated series Flash Gordon; and Othello in Othello (Bathurst St. Theatre).

From the film Verona, Andy's character Arthur in Pool


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


From the film Verona, Andy's character Arthur in Car

Recently, he has worked on In The Dark with Perry Mattfeld; Most Dangerous Game with Liam Hemsworth; and Private Eyes with Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson.  He recently completed a lead role in the film Verona, written and directed by Sebastian Back.


For acting inquiries, please contact Debi McGuin of McGuin Talent.

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Andy Marshall

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