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Mahaica Point Media Inc.

Mahaica Point Media Inc. is a production company focusing on producing inspirational works of art in film and television.



Solomon’s Choice (one-hour medical procedural)

Created by Andy Marshall and Shawn Winsor


Dr. Devin Solomon, a charming and iconoclastic medical ethicist, breaks ethical logjams from the patient’s bedside to the administrative boardroom while striving to regain his professional reputation and conquer his personal demons.

Boat Rocker Studio attached.

Pieces of a Black Woman’s Soul (one-hour night-time soap)

TV show created by Andy Marshall and Greg Birkett.  Developed with Lisa Pilgrim and Tricia Cater-McKenzie.

Based on the play Pieces of a Black Woman’s Soul by Greg Birkett.


Four vibrant and very different Black women – best friends in high school – finally re-unite in their mid-thirties and vow to stay together and support each other even as their personal crises threaten to pull them apart.

Supported by the Canada Media Fund

A Tribe Called Love (tragic romance)
Written by Mohamed Ahmed


Young Farah and Halima never stop loving each other, even till the end.  A cautionary tale set in the immigrant Somali community in Toronto, Farah & Halima is a modern-day telling of Romeo & Juliet, in the tone of Superbad, set in a neighbourhood like Do The Right Thing.

Supported by Telefilm.

The Unseen (supernatural coming-of-age thriller)
Written by Andy Marshall

Teenage Jules, an unwitting kidnapping victim, must recognize her gift and accept her purpose in order to escape and triumph over the spiritual warfare being waged for her soul.

Supported by Telefilm.

Untitled Romance (romance)
Written by Andy Marshall

An ambitious filmmaker on the cusp of his big break fights against being grounded when he meets the love of his life, a stable and stubborn schoolteacher.

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